Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lunch at Herbsaint for New Years Eve

Peter and I had lunch at Herbsaint recently to celebrate a new blog related development (Hint: It is not a movie deal). The Bub and The Avinator joined us. The above photo is an amuse bouche the kitchen sent out to assuage our hunger. Pork belly on brioche with pickled onions, mint and spicy mayo; very similar to the lovely banh mi. A bigger version of this sandwich will be available at Cochon Butcher. I suggest you buy 300 of them immediately.

Peter got a goat cheese, local greens, and bacon praline salad. Bub and I rocked a rust colored Duck and Andouille gumbo. The Avinator enjoyed the anise pleasure of their tomato, herbsaint, and shrimp bisque.
Above is what I consider to be the greatest pasta dish. Homemade spaghetti with a fried poached egg, a black pepper cream sauce, and cured guanciale. When you break open the egg, a squirt of warm yolk mixes into the pasta (and hopefully not with your tie) and the result is simply indulgence on a remarkable scale, if you would rather hear both sides of the tale. A meatloaf, beef daube, and capicola sandwich rounded out the orders. There were also fries with pimenton aioli. All of it very good.

That is a picture of Herbsaint. I did not take it; their website did.

Wondering how to ring in the 2009th celebration of the end of December? Well, check out the menu at Herbsaint. I went last year with a large group of friends and had one of the best group meals ever.

Herbsaint does events like this exceedingly well; providing intimate service, delicious food, and a festive atmosphere without any pretension. They will even take care of friends who have to much drink. As last year my friend Pikachu (that is his real name not a blog nickname. The Japanese animation character is named after him), got real wasted, puked on a passing street car, and the staff was kind of enough to from then on serve him only non-alcoholic beer much to his surprise. I have very adult friends.

I would call now, 524-4114. And Cochon Butcher shop is opening soon. Check back for details. 2009 will be the Year of the Link.

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